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Andrea Thompson

Mother, Singer, Songwriter, Author

Coach & Consultant

Andrea Thompson is a mother, prophet, psalmist, songwriter, coach, consultant, and a published author. She works full time in public service and is the CEO of Expressively Unique Creations. Andrea is a proud mother of three boys and two girls. 

Recent Publications

The Sought After Worshiper was written with the intention of renewing those who've felt the tugging of God in their spirits for true worship. For those who are in pursuit of God with an insatiable desire, for more of Him.


Prophetess Andrea is one of the most creative and committed person I know. Irrespective of the struggles she has faced I have witnessed her unflinching commitment to her family and her Kingdom assignment. I admire her strength, courage, faithfulness, resilience, and her humility. She is servant leader and knows how to bring out the best in others individually and in challenging team settings

Luke Heywood

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