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The Sought-After Worshipper: Becoming the Worshipper God Desires

Have you been seeking God, wanting to be a part of a true worship encounter? Have you grown tired of worship as you’ve known it? Do you desire to be the worshipper God is seeking?

This book was birthed out of the stirring of God in Andrea’s spirit and a relentless urgency that said, “NOW!” It was written for anyone who’s been feeling the stirring and tugging of God in their spirits for a new and “now” move of “true worship” across the earth.

“Now” is the season, where God is gathering His remnant of true worshippers whom He has sought-after and found, ready. If you have been the underdog, the overlooked, and forgotten, this book is for you. It is for the lover of worship and of God. It’s for you, the “true worshipper” who is in pursuit of God with an insatiable desire, for more of Him.

The Sought After Worshipper

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