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May 1, 2023 - Sep 30, 2023

Advancing in Prophetic Worship I May 23 - Sept 23

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The Prophetic Worship Course Series (Pt. II) was created to train, instruct and help worshippers in gaining a better understanding of the lifestyle of worship.  This course was created as a follow up to the Introductory course. Over a period of twelve (16) weeks and eight (8) sessions, we will continue to embark on exploring and solidifying our identities in God, following your prophetic activation in the introductory class we will further exercise in prophetic demonstrations . You will gain yet a greater level of access, authority, and breakthrough in worship. Exclusive to this class is a song writing challenge where you will get the opportunity to work with other course participants in a shared experience of co-writing!

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Advancing in Prophetic Worship I

Advancing in Prophetic Worship I

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